Free Tournament with prizes

Join for free Tournaments are are now available to every BuyCrypt user

We launch regular tournaments in which any BuyCrypt app user can participate only by entering an app with mobile phone number.

Our tournaments are with the guaranteed rewards for the winner!

A free tournament is a battle with other traders for a guaranteed prize

It is absolutely free for all users. The winner receives Tourpass which can be used to enter any of the paid tournaments with Cash prize pool.

* Tourpass is a ticket. These tickets are needed to participate in paid tournaments. Tourpasses can be won or bought. Below you will find detailed instructions

You can find more live answers in our BuyCrypt community telegram group

How to participate in the tournament?

Using the BuyCrypt app:

In the app, go to the Tournaments tab
Choose a tournament and click Join, then select DEMO account to participate.
Start trading using the BuyCrypt app

Web interface:

From the home page select Tournaments

Or enter a tournament through login to your Account

Choose a tournament from the Tournaments tab
Choose the Demo account to participate.

You will need to log into the app to confirm your entry

* No matter how you enter, all trades must be opened and closed using the BuyCrypt app

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What happens during a tournament?

  • Competitors start trading a tournament pair from the moment the tournament starts until the end of the tournament
  • All trades are opened and closed through the BuyCrypt application
  • The number of deals, balance or leverage size does not matter
  • Trader’s performance is calculated by PMC (Position Movement Change)
  • The trader with the highest PMC Score wins

How is the PMC Score calculated?

The percentage of a price movement when a trader had position open is taken into account

For example: you opened position at 30000 and closed it at 33000

The price movement is 10%

This 10% will be added to your score in the tournament table

You can increase this index by the quantity and quality of trades

Tournament Rules

  • Each tournament is held for a particular pair, for example ETH/USDT
  • We trade Futures section on application. (Your demo account is on Futures)
  • Only positions which were opened and closed from the beginning and before the end of a tournament are taken into account
  • PMC Score — not depending on your balance or leverage level. The higher the PMC the more price movement a trader was in position. For example: Entry price 30000, exit price 33000, PMC= 10%
  • Users can participate in only one tournament at a time
  • You can join a tournament at any time until the end of it
  • Tournaments take place in a certain time frame


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