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Tournaments are extra profits that are now available to every BuyCrypt user

We launch regular tournaments in which any BuyCrypt user can participate 

One of the regular tournaments will be absolutely free, the entrance to the another tournament will be paid

Both tournaments are with the guaranteed rewards for the winner!

Tournaments with paid entry

These are tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool in USDT or BUSD

The trader who takes the first place takes the whole pool. The pool is formed with the value of tourpasses spent on entry. To participate you need to get the required amount of tourpasses, or win them in a regular free tournament

A free tournament is a battle with other traders for a guaranteed prize

It is absolutely free for all users. The winner receives Tourpass which can be used to enter any of the paid tournaments

* Tourpass is a ticket. These tickets are needed to participate in paid tournaments. Tourpasses can be won or bought. Below you will find detailed instructions

How to participate in the tournament?

Using the BuyCrypt app:

In the app, go to the Tournaments tab
Choose a tournament and click Join
Buy tourpasses, if it is required
Choose the API key
Start trading using the BuyCrypt app

Web interface:

From the home page select Tournaments

Or enter a tournament through login to your Account

Choose a tournament from the Tournaments tab
Choose the API key
Pay for your entry with tourpasses, if required

You will need to log into the app to confirm your entry

* No matter how you enter, all trades must be opened and closed using the BuyCrypt app

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Instructions for creating API key on Binance

* When creating API, please remember to give permission for Futures trading

What happens during a tournament?

  • Competitors start trading a tournament pair from the moment the tournament starts until the end of the tournament
  • All trades are opened and closed through the application
  • The number of deals, balance or leverage size does not matter
  • Trader’s performance is calculated by PMC (Price Movement Change)
  • The trader with the highest PMC Score wins

How is the PMC Score calculated?

The percentage of a price movement when a trader had position open is taken into account

For example: you opened position at 30000 and closed it at 33000

The price movement is 10%

This 10% will be added to your score in the tournament table

You can increase this index by the quantity and quality of trades

Tournament Rules

  • Each tournament is held for a particular pair, for example ETH/USDT
  • We trade Binance Futures USD-M
  • Only positions which were opened and closed from the beginning and before the end of a tournament are taken into account
  • PMC Score — not depending on your balance or leverage level. The higher the PMC the more price movement a trader was in position. For example: Entry price 30000, exit price 33000, PMC= 10%
  • Users can participate in only one tournament at a time
  • You can join a tournament at any time until the end of it
  • Tournaments take place in a certain time frame
  • API keys which are used for copy trading or trust management are not allowed to participate in tournaments

* In order to participate you need to create and connect Binance API key to our application

Getting Tourpasses

Press Tourpass logo to buy

Tourpasses can be exchanged, won or purchased

To buy click on the Tourpass icon

Choose the right amount
You can purchase Tourpases through the your web profile

After selecting a desired number of Tourpasses, you will be directed to the CoinPayments page. There you can find the price and the address of the wallet for deposit

CoinPayments example

Attention! The fee is not included in the price! Payment must be made with one transaction including fees

Links to AppStore, PlayMarket

Instructions for API key creation on Binance

* When you create the API, do not forget to give permission for Futures trading

Copy Trading

Go to the signals tab to start copy-trading

BuyCrypt’s Copy trading is one of BuyCrypt‘s features, which allows you to copy trade a top trader

In simple words — you can have zero knowledge and skills, but earn as much as professional traders

Choose a trader from the Top Traders list and subscribe
Scroll down and press «Auto-follow signals»
You need to setup your api-key or choose one

How to sign up on Binance?

How to create Binance API and connect it with BuyCrypt?

For the subscription user pays a percent of profit to the trader. Right now the fee is 30%

You can try copy trading absolutely for free during the tournament — just subscribe to any of traders from the tournament table

In the tab My Profile you will see the sum that you earned with top trader and the bill for the commission for trading with the Copy Trading

From the moment of invoicing until the moment of confirmation the commission payment, copy-trading turns into a format of supporting the already existing signals (New signals will not be executed)

For the period of trading using the signals of the top trader Soft Block is activated for a new positions opening on the currencies which are used for signal trading

Copy-trading is available for Futures trading and only for selected pairs with a leverage of no less than x20

How do I activate my futures account?

The copy trading is anonymous. Top trader will not know who and with what balance copies their trades

Soft block

«Soft block» is blocking trades with currencies which are used for copy-trading

At attempt to open a position or an order the user will see a warning window, which informs him that his actions may change the result of copy trading and affect copy trading logic

After confirming that the user understands all risks of trading together with the active copytrading, he will be able to trade with that API key. However, we do not recommend to remove the soft block

Asset Management

Hand over management of your finances to professionals

Any BuyCrypt user can transfer the management of his account to another trader

To do so you have to go to the My Profile tab — Account Sharing

This feature gives you an opportunity to give management of one of your API keys to another trader

Select account and fill the Receiver ID

To trust an account you need to know the trader’s User ID and the trader must enable the feature to accept requests

How do I access trust management?

Where is the User ID in the BuyCrypt application?

Unlike with copy trading other user or top trader can do Spot and Futures trading without limitations on pairs and leverage

Transfer of the API key is not anonymous and is in fact a direct transfer of the account from user 1 to user 2

Warranties, fees and management conditions are negotiated directly between users

BuyCrypt is not responsible for the risks associated with the transfer, duplication, creation of API key

All your funds always remain on the exchange account

BuyCrypt does not allow depositing or withdrawing funds

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Demo mode soon

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Remember that you always on charge of your finances. We don’t give investment or financial advice. All the information and features is just to help you trade better. Be carefull, dyor, hedge, profit and don’t forget about risk-management. On our blog you can find many articles that might help you understand crypto trading better. Good luck!