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BTC War #1
Estimated reward
1640 USDT
Sep 01 | 10:00 GMT+3
Sep 08 | 10:00 GMT+3

🏆 Rewards for the tournament will be distributed as follows:


  1. 🥇 Place - 180$ 💵
  2. 🥈 Place - 170$ 💵
  3. 🥉 Place - 160$ 💵


4400 Tour Pass will be distributed up to 30th place.


  • 4 Place 150$ 💵
  • 5 Place 140$ 💵
  • 6 Place 130$ 💵
  • 7 Place 120$ 💵
  • 8 Place 110$ 💵
  • 9 Place 100$ 💵
  • 10 Place 90$ 💵
  • 11 Place 80$ 💵
  • 12 Place 70$ 💵
  • 13 Place 60$ 💵
  • 14 Place 50$ 💵
  • 15 Place 40$ 💵
  • 15 Place 30$ 💵


⚠️ The tournament takes place only on the trading pair BTC/USDT

⚠️ Hedging mode is not supported, the position is possible only in 1 direction (Long or Short)

⚠️ Please note that as soon as you open a trade in any direction, you are immediately in the red by 0.08%. Because opening cost is 0.04% + closing cost is 0.04%

🚨 Don't miss your chance to participate in Grand Tournament!


Good luck to all! 🚀🔥


Кликабельная картинка

Tournament rules
How to join the tournament
  • Press Join tour
  • Log in using your Apple or Google account here - https:///en/account/login).
  • Your account will automatically appear with 1000$ on board.
  • Wait tournament will start and send you push notification
  • Start to trade with your virtual funds and try to trade your best!
What is Tour Pass?

Tour passes are special tickets that allow users to enter Advanced Tournaments. They can be earned as rewards in beginner tournaments and are used as entry passes for more advanced tournaments.

1) Beginner's Tournament - This is an entry-level tournament with no cost to join, perfect for new users. Winners are rewarded with tour passes, allowing them to explore more of our Tournaments.

2) Advanced Tournament - For those who have already mastered the basics. Entry to this tournament requires tour passes, which participants can earn from their successes in previous Tournaments.

Tournament rules

By what principle is the winner determined?.

PMC Score - does not depend on your balance or leverage level. The higher the PMC, the more price movement the trader was in the position.

For example: Entry Price 30000, Exit Price 33000, PMC = 10%

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