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Trading Tournaments.
Connect API.
Repeat deals of the best
For Trader: Participate in tournaments -> take pots, show results, get money to manage.

For Investor: Copytrade our TOP Traders by API to gain max profits! Check our tournaments best traders list. Provide money for management
49 days 4 hours and 10 minutes
BTC Perp
Est. reward
1640 USDT
πŸ‘€ Different exchanges and accounts - in one terminal
Connect as many accounts as you want from your exchanges, track your portfolio, trade and earn reputation, manage investors' money for a percentage
get notifications about market movements.
πŸ‘€ Buycrypt features
What features are available to you out of the box after start on BuyCrypt
Trading Tournaments
Take part in trading tournaments for guaranteed prizes and respect
Trust Asset managemet
Transfer account API control securely with BuyCrypt appliction
Connect your account on copytrading of our TOP Traders
Portfolio tracker
Track the value of your assets on exchanges by API using Push notifications
Trading terminal
Fast and Easily manage multiple accounts from one place
Top Traders leaderboard
Follow best-performing traders with proofed trade history
πŸ‘€ Perpetual Trading tournaments
You can start from absolute zero and work your way up to tens of thousands of dollars
Trade on your real crypto exchange with API as well as on BuyCrypt Demo account without API

Get additional rewards for trading as usual. Simply join tournament mode. Increase your risk-reward ratio. Starting just within minimal order – $1.

πŸ‘€ By in tune with the community
Join Telegram chat not to miss raffles, tournament announcements
and just have fun with other traders

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πŸ‘€ Tournaments flow

Choose tournament
by perp contract

Select tournament by contract you like to trade the most – ETH/USDT, BTC/USDT or XRP/USDT

Connect Binance
API key

Create API entity in your Binance account and import keys to BuyCrypt

Connect Binance API key

Buy Tour Pass to join

Tour Pass is a ticket to join any tournament in BuyCrypt. Paticipation fee may vary, the more rewarding the tour, the bigger the fee

Confirm participation in
mobile App

Once you confirm action in BuyCrypt App, your trading score take part in touranment

Go to touranments and select the asset you enjoy trading the most
See tournaments
πŸ‘€ Account sharing – trust management
Set permissions and send your account for management
πŸ‘€ Trade to earn $BUYT
Simply trade with BuyCrypt to get $BUYT rewards

1 000 000

Total awards available


1 000

Total awards available


πŸ‘€ App overview
All the connected API key’s assets are displayed in your Portfolio
πŸ’° Assets track record
πŸ“¨ Funds transfer within account
βš–οΈ Average buy Price for Spot assets
Eyes on it. Track selected market movements
πŸ’Ή Track Spot and Futures markets
πŸ”” Price Alerts
πŸ’› Favorite coins
Expand your trading experience with what we call β€œFast Trade” Mode
πŸ“ˆ Spot and Futures trading
πŸš€ Fast Trade mode
πŸ“Š Price charts
Top Traders
Track scores performance, follow the best ones, and become a Top Trader
β€πŸš€ List of best Futures traders
🏁 Personal trading score
βš–οΈ Copy trading
My Profile
A command center of the app, where you can adjust the experience and make it yours.
β€βš™οΈ Settings
πŸ’Š API keys health-checker
πŸ‘€ Personalization tools
Try another level
mobile crypto experience
A tool from traders for traders
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βš™οΈ FAQ
How to trade cryptocurrency using BuyCrypt?

Add all your accounts, accounts of your friends from different exchanges and manage it all in one place. In the application you can not just trade, but it also allows monitoring prices, studying rates on exchanges, financial transactions, assets control. Buying cryptocurrency on an exchange is easy with BuyCrypt, we have implemented an ability to follow operations of the top traders - newbies can copy them and start to get positive experience while trading bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and other crypto

If you don't have time to analyze the market, you can safely transfer your account under the management of an experienced trader you trust. Buycrypt allows you to monitor trader's performance

Bitcoin sales will go new levels!

The BuyCrypt team knows how to make cryptocurrency trading profitable without deep analytical knowledge but with a phone in a hand. Our app has a user-friendly interface for beginners and those who have been in trading for a long time. We have a lot to develop with our app: adding new exchanges, copy trading, tournaments, voting. Now we are gathering successful traders and validating their skills

Cryptocurrency online - trade with BuyCrypt

Our service is aimed at developing traders' abilities through a user-friendly interface. BuyCrypt will will be useful for experienced traders who want to speed up the process of trading with the help of multifunctionality and convenience

Why is the BuyCrypt app useful for traders?

  • Crypto exchanges already available: Coinbase, Binance, OKEx, HITbtc, FTX;
  • The ability to quickly switch between exchanges is implemented;
  • You can connect multiple accounts to buy crypto from different exchanges;
  • Statistics: assets, account info, transactions, trades
  • Deposit and withdrawal without problems;
  • Work with stabelcoins without intermediaries, Futures;
  • Flexible notification system from any exchange, customization;
  • Simple and clear registration in 2 clicks, secure account verification

Large crypto exchanges allow trading bitcoin, altcoins in applications only on their platform, which significantly narrows the trader's options. Now a lot of people have accounts on various exchanges: deposit, manually track rates, which takes a lot of time. It is more effective to spend it on a quick decision making process within one application!

How easy is it to buy cryptocurrency from your smartphone?

The blockchain product market is becoming more and more popular, involving a huge number of cryptocurrency traders. The number of exchanges is also growing, as well as the number of traders' wallets. All that is becoming unhandy and not convenient to manage. Buying bitcoin on an exchange and storing it there is the easiest scenario, but a common trader buys not just bitcoin and on more than one exchange. The Buycrypt team has taken a challenge to clean up the mess and create a user-friendly tool for crypto trading

Experienced cryptocurrency traders value the timely information about changes on the exchange. This helps them buy or sell cryptocurrency at a favorable rate. With the BuyCrypt app it’s easy to keep track of all accounts and earn more from trading as a result. It came out in 2021 and It has already got a lot of good reviews from professional traders

BuyCrypt is an investing and trading platform where you can learn to profit from cryptocurrency with the help of efficient tools

How did cryptocurrency trading become the basis for BuyCrypt?

Project founder Kirill Grinko told the British magazine BitCourier about the history of the application. It all started with an unexpected success of the Telegram bot, which helped trade in one click. The bot worked for friends and fellows, but more and more people began to learn about it. And so the idea was born to create a trading platform that makes buying cryptocurrency on the exchanges easier

The developers team, led by Kirill, thoroughly analyzed the market and realized: right now the industry does not offer to trade bitcoin on several accounts at once. Three months later they released the BuyCrypt application. It has already passed the beta-testing stage and can be downloaded for free on any smartphone. The functionality allows trading with high efficiency. The plan is to refine the functionality by introducing the App to the major markets of Europe and US