This is a fair fight on a professional platform created by traders - for traders from all over the world!

If you win, it means you are the best among everyone.

Tournaments on the BuyCrypt platform, any trader has the opportunity to hone his trading skills and make a profit without the risk of losing his own capital.

But the goal is a fair game where each participant is already an athlete, whose task is to come first, become the best and bring victory to himself and profit to those who bet on him.

Tournaments are extra profits that are now available to every BuyCrypt user

BuyCrypt provides users with accounts containing USDT to participate in tournaments. This USDT cannot be withdrawn and is only for participating and winning real USDT that can be withdrawn. No money is needed from you; You can start on BuyCrypt from scratch!

We have 2 tournament types

  1. FREE Enter ( Here you can win USDT or BUYT or Tour Pass )
  2. Paid Entry ( After winning free tournaments, you will be able to afford it )

What you can win in this tournaments?

  1. USDT ( real money on your account that can be withdrawn by acquiring the minimum amount)
  2. BUYT Tokens ( after all tokens have been distributed to users in the application for completing tasks/participating in tournaments, the tokens will be available on external DEX exchanges, as well as on our platform, and will be traded in pairs BUYT/USDT and BUYT/BTC )
  3. Tour Pass ( generally awarded to the winners of regular tournaments for free and serve as entry fees for tournaments with valuable prizes )

All tournaments are with the guaranteed rewards for the winners!

Where to begin?



*To begin with, you can not connect the API from a real exchange, but trade using the built-in BuyCrypt DEMO account and the provided starting deposit without replenishing it.

    • Provide name and address for payments

    • Join a free or paid tournament with valuable prizes.


⚠️ You can only be in one tournament at a time

when you register for a tournament for which there are conditionally 3 days, you cannot register for a tournament that will take place in a day.

How are percentages calculated in Leaderboard?

⚠️ Please note that as soon as you open a trade in any direction, you are immediately in the red by 0.08%. Because the opening cost is 0.04%, the closing cost is 0.04%

What day is the tournament deadline?

    • The tournament deadline is listed here


Tournament Rules

    • 5 minutes before the end of the tournament, positions on the demo account are closed

    • Positions opened before the start of the tournament are not counted (if the limit is triggered after the start of the tournament, it is counted)

    • You can only participate in one tournament at a time

    • Passes through the trading pair indicated in the title/banner

    • Hedging mode is not supported, the position is only possible in 1 direction (Long or Short)

Only those who are willing to take risks swim farSafe boats don’t go far from shore

Dale Carnegie