Decentralized Governance Protocol Dora Factory Unveils DORA Airdrop for Cosmos Hub Stakers

The privacy voting round linked to the move is set to be “the largest” MACI (Minimum Anti Collusion Infrastructure) ever.


  • Dora Factory launched a gas-free airdrop of its cryptocurrency, DORA, to over one million ATOM stakers for participation in governance and funding.
  • The initiative offers the Cosmos community a chance to support public goods and developers through new voting technologies.

Who Can Take Advantage?

The blockchain project that aims to build an open infrastructure for DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) on Polkadot Substrate – Dora Factory – announced the gas-free airdrop of its native cryptocurrency – DORA. According to a document shared with CryptoPotato, the offering is available to all ATOM stakers, meaning over one million addresses.

The airdrop campaign includes the Cosmos community participating in the governance of its democratic public goods funding program – the ATOM Economic Zone Quadratic Funding. The privacy voting round implemented by the team behind Dora Factory is set to be “the largest” MACI (Minimum Anti Collusion Infrastructure) ever.

Per the announcement, all ATOM stakes received DORA assets in their wallets on June 5. After claiming their stash, the Cosmos community can participate in the aforementioned funding round.

“They can use ATOM to vote for and donate to public goods teams they value, support early-stage developers, and determine the distribution of an 80,000 ATOM and $200,000 USDC matching pool across 10 rounds of AEZ Quadratic Funding and MACI voting.
The smart contracts for this quadratic voting round are deployed on the Dora Vota network, and the community can use DORA to cover gas fees,”  the document reads.

The blockchain project aims to introduce “cutting-edge privacy-enabled voting technology to the Cosmos community” via MACI voting. This move marks the beginning of integrating private, secure, and anti-collusion technologies into a wider range of governance use cases in the future.

Support of Public Goods

The quadratic funding module, natively implemented by Dora Factory for the Cosmos Hub, provides Cosmos with the potential to become one of the biggest on-chain communities that supports public goods.

“The first round of the two-year quadratic funding plan for the ATOM Economic Zone commencing in June 2024 has attracted numerous outstanding projects and awaits the attention and support of community members,” the announcement clarifies.